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David Saniti


Turner Residential

Living in Austin since 1999 I’ve really been able to enjoy and explore this awesome city and what it has to offer. I’ve been in the Austin real estate market in some form or fashion for almost 15 years. This city has grown so much and is going to continue to grow for quite some time. 


I’ve really enjoyed being to help people find the place that they call home. As a Realtor®, my strengths lie in communication, education, and patience. I’ve always believed in over communication just to make sure that everyone is on the same page which stems from previous management roles. Managing employees can be hard! During the real estate transaction, there are a lot of moving parts and if you are not familiar with those parts it is easy to get lost. I find it very important to explain the process in detail, so that whatever side of the transaction you are on, you have the know how to make an informed and ultimately correct decision. My favorite quality is patience, which in this market is really key, especially on the buyer side. I’m not a “salesy” type of real estate agent so I am not going to be pushing you to buy a house that doesn’t fit. I’m going to make sure you have found the right home before the trigger is pulled. 


A little about personal me. I just got recently married to a lovely gal name Lindsey. I have two great rescue dogs named Haley and Huxley. Haley is a border collie and Huxley is a golden mix. I enjoy playing all sports, especially golf and disc golf, I also enjoy playing competitive pool. Other than that, camping is always a blast but we don’t get to go that often. I’m not big on social media because I believe we already spend enough time with our face in our screens. 


Thanks for checking out the site and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

Recently Closed Properties

1138 Mason Ave

6424 Mirarosa Drive

1131 Poquito St

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